Katie Vandyck headshot session - Tips

Bring a selection of tops

  • V necked or low necked tops are more flattering for women

  • Dark tops tend to work better for men

  • Keep the tops PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN.   You want the viewer to look at your face, not your top

  • Black doesn't date and is a fantastic frame for the face

  • Mid-tones can show wrinkles

  • Long sleeves work better for men and women


Bring past headshots

Very useful for assessing what you'll need from your shots. What went wrong, what worked last time round

Look at other people's headshots

Do a bit of research. Find shots of people whose headshots give the sort of impression you want to give

Give some thought to what you want

The more information I have about you the more I'll be able to get exactly what you're after

If you have no ideas at all, that's fine too!  I am very experienced and will make it work for you


Should be just what you normally wear. You need to look like your headshot. Don't be tempted to overdo it