Marking Time - photographing the slightly older actress without retouching

Sharon Lloyd-Lewes is an experienced actress and she is no longer twenty five. The signs of this on her face are helpful when explaining who she is to those who might want to cast her.  Wiping those signs off in post production, is not.

I photographed this incredibly bubbly, extremely attractive actress on a bright, sunny day in a shadowed corner.  The brightness of the day filled the shadowed area with soft, reflected light. We added a little reflecting panel under her chin, which she held.

That's it. There is no retouching in this photograph. The light is enhancing and any dark, potentially ageing, shadows are taken away by the gentle, diffused light in the shadows and a reflector held by Sharon, at chest level.

Beautiful, but honest. How we like it.



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Actress Sharon Lloyd-Lewes